Capability Statement

Our specialisms within our core activities of Site Investigation, Geotechnical Engineering, Earthworks, Contaminated Land Risk Assessment and Environmental Assessment include:

Site Investigation Consultants

  • Design and Implementation of exploratory, main & supplementary Site Investigations.
  • Site Investigation techniques include trial pits, cable percussive drilling, rotary drilling and windowless sampling drilling.
  • Soil logging, classification and sampling.
  • Soil infiltration/Soakaway testing.
  • In-situ and real-time geotechnical testing and monitoring.
  • Geophysical surveys (gravity, magnetic, seismic, electrical and electromagnetic).

Geotechnical Engineering Consultants

  • Geotechnical site appraisals.
  • Laboratory geotechnical soil and rock testing.
  • Foundation and floor slab design including bearing capacity calculations.
  • Settlement and consolidation calculations.
  • Buried concrete design.
  • Soak away design.
  • Ground stabilisation including the drilling and grouting of mine workings.
  • Soil/Rock slope stability assessment and remediation.
  • Retaining structures parameters for design.
  • Highway Design.
  • Groundwater movement and seepage including the use of FLOWNET.

Earthworks Consultants

  • Design, implementation & supervision of earthworks.
  • Design, implementation & supervision of ground improvements.
  • In-situ CBR, density and plate load testing.

Contaminated Land Risk Assessment Consultants

  • Phase 1 Preliminary Risk Assessment and site conceptual modelling.
  • Phase 2 Quantitative Risk Assessment (Generic/Detailed) for human health and the water environment.
  • Phase 3 Options Appraisal and Remediation Strategy design/development.
  • Phase 4 Remediation Strategy implementation, supervision and validation.
  • Remedial techniques include Containment (landfilling, barriers and stabilisation), Separation (pump & treat, soil washing, venting and stripping) and Destruction (incineration and bioremediation) Options.
  • Laboratory soil, leachate and water testing.
  • Waste Management and Waste Acceptance Procedures (WAP).
  • Ensure a proactive relationship with the local Authorities and Environment Agency.
  • Fulfil requirements of Part IIA EPA 1990 and planning conditions of Local Authorities and Environment Agency.
  • Use of a variety of modelling software: CLEA, P20 Remedial Targets, ConSim, MODFLOW and SNIFFER.

Environmental Assessment Consultants

  • Gas regime assessment including landfill/ground gas monitoring.
  • Ecological considerations including the assessment of Japanese Knotweed.
  • Environmental audits.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) contributions.

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