Equality & Diversity Policy

At Terra Firma (South), Equality and Diversity is embedded in our company philosophy – ‘We respect and actively encourage all our employees ideas, diversity and cultures’.

We are committed to eliminating discrimination and harassment, promoting equality of opportunity and promoting good relations and positive attitudes towards all people.

Our commitment covers equality on grounds of age, disability, gender, race, nationality, religion/belief, marital status, sexual orientation, personality and approaches to work.

At Terra Firma (South) we aim to maximise the potential of our employees, by harnessing these differences and creating a productive and safe environment in which everyone feels respected and valued, where their talents are being fully utilised and in which organisational goals are achieved to ensure overall success and longevity.

Our goal is to recruit, motivate and develop outstanding people from a range of backgrounds and with a wide range of skills, in order to make us more adaptable, understanding and responsive to the needs of the clients we serve.

We work hard to ensure equality of opportunity in all areas of employment, including recruitment, training, appraisal, rewards and promotion. All decisions we make relating to employment practices are objective, free from bias and based solely upon work criteria and individual merit.

In order to leverage diversity as a competitive advantage, it is the policy of Terra Firma (South) to:

  • Ensure that all employees receive equal treatment in all aspects of employment policies and working practices.
  • Create an open working environment free from discrimination, harassment and victimisation.
  • Employ a workforce that reflects the diverse communities in which we operate and maximises personal and commercial opportunities.
  • Raise staff awareness by delivering training programmes that support our Equality & Diversity aims.
  • Act as a model employer and influence peers and key suppliers to adopt a similar Equality and Diversity policy.

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