Quality Assurance

At Terra Firma (South), Quality Assurance is inherent to our work as it commits us to continuous improvement, which ensures a better service for our clients – ‘We appreciate and acknowledge that there is no room for complacency in any of our projects and strive for total client satisfaction’.

Our belief is that the continued sustained success & longevity of our company is dependent of the quality of its professional services.

Our aim is to improve the quality of services which the company provides. This is to be achieved by the application of quality management expertise devised to continuously improve the standard of professional services which we deliver to our clients.

In order to improve quality as a competitive advantage, it is the policy of Terra Firma (South) to:

  • Promote continuous improvement in all areas of our company, such as our organisational structure, responsibilities, methods, data management, processes, resources, client satisfaction and service quality.
  • Provide a comprehensive Continuing Professional Development (CPD) structure within the company, which will provide a platform for increased and improved personal performance for all employees.
  • Promote staff training through professional work based activities, self-directed and informal learning, personal activities outside of work and courses, seminars & conferences.
  • Use periodical management meetings as a means to review, monitor and update quality objectives.

We're proud to provide competitive prices for a professional service, which is always personally delivered and would greatly appreciate your consideration for any future projects you may have. You can get in touch using the form or our contact details below.

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