Hotham Place

Hotham Place, Plymouth, Devon


Terra Firma (South) have successfully completed hundreds of phase 1 risk assessments all around the South West of England and further afield. Information is collected from multiple sources to ascertain the geology, geotechnical risks, environmental concerns, historical land use, mining history and nearby current industrial activities, that could affect the site development and future inhabitants. This information is combined with a thorough walk-over survey to allow an accurate and professional interpretative reported to be completed.

Terra Firma (South) enjoy working with independent developers to contribute to exciting private projects. We aim to always be approachable, reliable and beneficial.

Case Study: Hotham Place, Plymouth, Devon

The Hotham Place project was requested by an individual developer looking to develop their current property in the popular residential area, north of Victoria Park, Plymouth, in Devon.

Planned development involved adding to the current end-terrace, a new two-storey dwelling with two new off-road parking spaces. The phase 1 desk study and walk-over survey were conducted promptly, highlighted key information and gave a concise and dependable summary.

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