New Park Road

Site Investigation and Cable Percussion Drilling

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CASE STUDY: New Park Road, Clapham, London

The project involved the construction of a new mixed use development within land off New Park Road, Clapham, London. The development will consist of a single 6-storey building with access road, car ports and landscaped gardens.

The site remains relatively unchanged until 1962 when previous semi-detached houses were replaced by a large block of residential flats, which is still in place today.

In order to confirm the underlying ground conditions a site investigation comprising three cable percussive boreholes, eight machine excavated trial pits and in-situ CBR testing was carried out.

Due to the anticipated loadings required we recommend a piled foundation solution (friction piles) extending into the London Clay Formation be used.

In additional to geotechnical investigation, geoenvironmental concerns were also resolved. Initial rounds of gas monitoring confirmed the site be classified as a ‘very low risk’.

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