Sherford Valley



Terra Firma (South) have conducted multiple successful site investigations on a variety of greenfield sites. Investigation of a greenfield site often means no previous data exists, therefore, the information we collect for our clients is highly valuable.

CASE STUDY: Sherford Valley, Plymouth

Terra Firma (South) are acting as the consulting geotechnical & geo-environmental engineers and contractors, for the construction of the new market town of Sherford.

The developers of the site have plans for building 5,500 new homes, 4 new schools and other amenities, including health centre, park and ride, shopping centre and even two wind turbines to generate cleaner energy.

The development is aiming to produce up to 7,000 new job opportunities in the region and the open space to built environment ratio of the design is 1:1.

Historically, the site was 12,000 hectares of undeveloped farmland. The land is now on its way to becoming an energy-efficient, socially-inclusive and economically sustainable home for a community of 12,000 people.

Terra Firma are currently working in collaboration with the developers to complete work for Area 1 of the project.

We have undertaken and collected over 100 exploratory holes with subsequent geo-environmental and soil property samples.

Efficient communication and project management by Terra Firma (South) is facilitating our ongoing robust Phase II investigation, without compromising the tight project schedule and Construction Design & Management (CDM) Regulations of the site or the SI requirements.

The Phase II site investigations involve using multiple intrusive investigation techniques to assess the nature of the superficial soils, to determine the geotechnical properties and to test bearing capacity of the underlying geology.

Terra Firma (South) are providing safe and economical geotechnical solutions which are driving forward the development of this unique, challenging and exciting project!

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